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500 Hundred Fine for Noodles

Noodles & Fried Rice

Noodles Story in Landsowne

As it was About 8.00 pm when I and my love visit to Noodles Story.

There we have Hakka Chowmin and Fried Rice….we both Enjoy their food they are little spicy but tasty

Hope so to visit there again…

Thinking about what a boring story he is telling wait the main topic begins here

It’s about 8.30 pm when my love told me Hamza it’s too late we should go home now from here

I told her ok let’s Go when we start our Ride we both are Enjoying the Ride but Somehow My Brakes are not working well and we had an accident near Mintu Park….

I Just Hit the Ford Car it’s really a big mistakes from me it’s a New Car.

I stop my Bike and apologies from Him but he doesn’t want to listen my words he just started telling me that you are cheap Guy and etc I just get scared for my Gf as she was getting late it’s now about 9.00 pm…..

I told him Ok what to do now he told me Give me Rs2000 for Dent which You put it in my Car I told him it is too much Bro Just take some rupees about 100 or 200 but he is just keep repeating no not at all at that time I’m feeling very angry,

After Sometime my Gf gave him 500 hundred and he went away…

I feel very guilty because she has to give money for my mistakes…

This Topic make my Noodles of Rupees 500 hundred.

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