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6Ballygunge Place

6 Ballygunge is one of the 1st Bengali’s restaurants that’s the reason they have variety of Bengali’s dishes with an amazing tastes.
As being in kolkata if u don’t visit 6 ballygunge restro’s then u have missed a great restaurant ,As we all know when it came Bengali dishes fish is the 1st choice for everyone of us and 6ballygunge has an amazing fish dishes, they have all kind of special main courses
And most Amazing point is this there Ambience is very Quite and Lovely.

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They have design there Restro in such a way where u can feel the royalty of Bengali’s are there,

6ballygunge scriptures were made with an hand craft photo’s of people, plates which look like hand craft paper and lights in the cage, some hand craft China fans are there in the wall although it’s a best dinning place for Bengali dishes food lover, it is also couple friendly so u can celebrate there without any problems,

6ballygunge has got some amazing Dishes Restro’s and fun have listed it…..

1.Ilish paturi
2.Dhaab Chingri
3.Misti Doi, Rosogulla
4.kosha Mangsho
5.Bhaja Masala Alu Daam
6.Shorshe Ilish
7.Grilled promfred
8.Noulen Gurer Ice-cream.

6Ballygune is located in.

31A, 2nd Avenue, DD Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064, India

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Koshe Kosha comes with the meaning of “simple and pure”.
As with their name they also made pure and simple Traditions Bengali Restaurant, Koshe Kosha will make you fall in love with Bengali Dishes they have make the flavour of Bengali’s Foods so amazing which you just can’t forget it after you had it,the Staff are humble and the way of serving the Dishes they are fabulous.

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As there are numbers of Bengali’s Restaurant which are best with their Bengali’s Dishes but Koshe Kosha are not just Best with there Dishes but they have the Structure of Restaurant which are just unbelievable, one time when I saw the Restaurant from outside I get confused with there scriptures they have used in there two storey Restaurant.
Koshe Kosha has brilliant architecture as they have made Maa Durga pictures in the wall,Bengali Books Shelves are there which consists vast amounts of Bengali’s magazine,the Arts of Satyajit Ray, Feluda, Tilottoma are making the Restaurant more attractive.
Restro and Fun have listed some of Best Dishes of Koshe Kosha….
1. Basanti Pulao, Chicken kassa,Kacha Lanka Murgi
2. Fish kabiraja
3. Gondharaj Chicken Curry
4. Laal keema
5. Stuffed bagun bajha, paratha Kosha mangso(Mutton).
6. Bhetki
7. Prawn Moshla
8. Stream Rice, postwar bora, daab chingari, echore re dalna.
9. Hilsa
10. Devilled Eggs
11. Prawn Cutlet

Koshe Kosha Located in.

1/1C, Ripon Street, Mujafar Ahmed Street, near Park Street, Esplanade, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

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