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Best Chinese Restaurants of Kolkata

Chinese is not Just word it’s an love to express with Foods, come with Restro’s & Fun to best of Chinese Restaurants of Kolkata.

As their are large numbers of Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata Chowman Serves the best Chinese Dishes.Chinese foods are popular food like western food u can find it in every restaurant even if they are big or small.Chinese Restaurants place a big role for picky pocket budget people,as Chinese restaurants comes in mind Chowman Restaurant is first in that list because of their quality of foods they serves are unbelievable.

Chowman interiors are decorated with the Picture of Lord Buddha  in wall and the low lights with red combination Chairs makes the Couples fall in love once again.

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Chowman is a Small Restaurant but their scripture makes U feels like a bigger Restro,Couple can enjoy their while having Amazing Dishes and Celebrate there with all welcome from Chowman.

Chowman some Best Dishes Restro’s and fun have listed are..

1.Sweet Corn Soups,

2.Crispy Noodles with Salad,

3.Chicken Teriyaki,

4.Chilli Wine Chicken,

5.Chicken Fried Rice,

6.General Toa’s Chicken…& Much More…..

Chowman is Located in.

3, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Little Russel St, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071.

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Tung Fong

Tung fong is an Indianised Chinese Restaurant.
Tung fong is basically an Chinese restaurant but the name Indianised Chinese restaurant cames with the Dishes which are Chinese but form of  Dishes are in the Indian way.
Tung fong is an Legendary Chinese Restaurant.
As they are Legendary basically they are familiar
in Chinese Dishes, so thinking about what make Tung Fong from different from others they have the Chinese Dishes with Indians Tadka include in it so tung Fong cames with best of Chinese Dishes . Ambience of Tung Fong are Quite and peaceful and Prearing of Dishes are little slow but it can be affordable because of the atmosphere will let u fall in love.

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Tung fong is the one of the biggest Chinese Restaurant of Kolkata they have simple looking  interiors Designs, the wall is of white plain colour with low yellow lamp light and some Chinese Pictures hanging there,Bar is also Available there and Couples can also reunite there loves with this beautiful environment.
Restro and Fun have listed some of the best dishes of Tung fong….
1. Sangai Crab
2. Chicken talumein soup
3. Chilli chicken
4. Egg fried Rice
5. Ice-cream with Chocolate Sauce
6. Red pepper Chicken Shezwan Chicken
7. Chicken Cantonese Chow
8. Kung pao Chicken
9. Fried Pepper Chicken
10. Chilli Garlic Pepper Fish
11. Drums of heaven
12. Garlic pepper with hakka
13. Chilli Manchurian
14. Mocktail

Tung  Fong is Located in.

Karnani Mansion, No. 25-B, Mirza Ghalib St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016.

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