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Best Mughlai Restaurants of Kolkata

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Oudh 1590

Oudh1590 Restaurants is well known for their Olden times Architecture and there old pattern Dishes.Oudh Restaurants is an Mughlai Restro in Kolkata with it’s name it indicates us that it is built in olden pattern.Oudh has got some unforgettable dishes with their uniques name,Oudh is best Restro for people who love olden days Mughlai Dishes. There Ambience are just awesome all the person’s are wearing black Kurta and the way they behave is just makes you feel peace.

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Oudh is made in 40 years old scripture which make the place more Romantic for lover’s .

Oudh Restro is made in a pattern of low lamp lights and old times people photo’s in the wall which their beautiful Wooden Chairs,Couples can make there day more romantic as Oudh is a very Peaceful Restarant.

Oudh has Some Best Dishes Restro’s & Fun Listed are…

1.Galawati Kawab

 2.Kulfi falooda


4.Zafrani Kawab

5.Irani Jhinga masala


7.Nargisi kofta

8.Keema Birayani

Oudh 1590 is Located in.

23/B, Deshapriya Park west,near carmel primary school, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026.

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Saffron Tree is an Huate Mughlai Cuisine.
Haute Mughlai name is given because of there Dishes, they have Mughlai Dishes but they change the pattern or say taste of it.
Saffron trees brings up the Dishes which have lost some where in the race to bring new one everyone knows about Mughlai but Saffron tree has define it in a way which u will forget that it’s really a Mughlai Restro. Saffron tree has the Ambience which is making the atmosphere fall in love.

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Their interior and decoration was fabulous they make the wall which is having in a white colour bricks are shown up there with beautiful yellow lights and all the mugs and cups are hanging in the wall with rope and all the table’s are in a row with the colours of classy brown.
Saffron tree is also known as the best place for couple to have a wonderful day as they gives the peace environment for celebrating your loved once day.
Saffron tree has some unique and Dishes which Restro’s&Fun have listed it….
1.Wine pouched with apricots
2.Blue Hawai
3.Machli aur Aam ke kawab
4.Mutton Biryani
5. Mutton Malai, Mutton Sahi Ishtew
6.Phirni Creme Brulee
7. Crab ke Gelawati
8.Mango Tango
9.Kinetic liit
10.litchi ke Kawab
11.Aam papad Machli kawab
12.Jama Masjid Butter Masala
13.Pineaplle blast

Saffron Tree is Located in.

100, Raja Basanta Roy Rd, lake Terrace, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029.

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India Restaurant is Multi Cuisine Mughlai Restro.
When it came to the name Mughlai in city of Joy India Restaurant stands there with serving authentic Dishes, as City of joy citizen loves to eat Biryani there biryani are just unbelievable one of best biryani which I have tasted is “Kacchi Biryani”,India Restaurant has make the renovation and there renovation has make the Mughlai Restaurants in Royal Restro which is look like a palace, Ambience are polite and staff are very friendly with people(couples also).
While innovation of India Restaurant they have made the structure in Grand Arabian way.

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Their interior were made with an fine brown colour tables, upside of the wall there were yellow pattern square line were going here and there with an beauty of yellowish lights are sparkling there, it’s a must visit Restro of Kolkata.
Restro and Fun have listed some of the best Dishes of Indian Restaurant…
1. Chicken Special Biryani
2. Mutton Kadai
3. Chicken Cheese Kawab
4. Chicken Chatpata kawab
5. Orange Mocktail
6. Mutton Biryani
7. Chicken tikka butter Masala
8. Gulawati Kawab
9. Shahi tukda….

India Restaurant is Located in.

34, Karl Marx Sarani, Khidirpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700023.

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